How you can take advantage of serverless infrastructure to create small command line tools that will help you to manipulate text without leaving the UNIX philosophy

Yes, I’m talking about lambda functions that can be called in a UNIX pipeline by using cURL.

We know that we have AWK, SED, CUT, UNIQ, SORT and other great tools to manipulate text in UNIX, those tools were written more than 30 years ago and nowadays we still find them useful.

Most of the time, those tools are more than enough to do whatever you want, but, what happen when you need a…

Basic introduction to the QuickJS asynchronous approach

Since I’ve been reading the QuickJS engine code, I’ve came up with a simple question as an average javascript developer: ¿How the asynchronous code work in a low level?

All we know something about the event loop, in the NodeJS case, the asynchronous I/O is being powered by libuv, but it’s not the same for QuickJS.

Since QuickJS was created to be embedded in other systems, tries to reduce the external dependencies to the fullest, so it uses the select system call. …

Basic introduction to native C modules for QuickJS

Few days ago a new Javascript engine was released by Fabrice Bellard, the QEMU and FFmpeg creator.

This caught my eye, because I’m a Javascript developer and I’ve been always interested in NodeJS internals, so I saw a good opportunity to learn more about how the JS code is actually executed in a low level.

I know this engine was created with embedded systems in mind, is really tiny and lightweight, and taking advantage of fact that the code base is still small, I’m trying to understand how it works and mainly…

If you work with docker, and like me, don’t like to use UIs but the terminal to express what you want, this article may help you.

All we know that many devs spend tons of hours using the terminal, although it’s cool, sometimes it can become a pain when the things you want to express are too long, that’s what’s been happening to me with docker, you should know what I mean.

That’s why I want to show you how to create custom commands and comfortable interactive menus in your terminal by using the amazing project FuzzyFinder to make your…

I’m here trying to write the article I wanted to find about this topic.

I’m not going to explain what Docker or Electron does, I’ll asume that you know what I’m talking about.

If you work in MacOS and want to develop Electron apps without installing a full NodeJS environment, you will find that it can be quite complicated specially because you’re not in a Linux environment where Docker runs natively.

Fortunately, now we have ‘Docker for Mac’ and thanks to XQuartz we can run desktop apps in MacOS by using a Docker container. …

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